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New Customer Direct Ordering for Hand Helper Family of Products 

Sunnyvale, Calif., April 7, 2006- MedDev Corporation, a medical development company, today announced new customer direct ordering for their Hand Helper® line of products. Direct order allows customers of the Hand Helper products to purchase their product of choice via online form, by phone, fax or mail.

 “Keeping hands useful and active is what the Hand Helper products are about,” says Suzanne Grey, President of MedDev Corporation. “Our goal is to provide quality tools to keep hands active and useful. Enabling our customers to order directly through us rather than through a distributor or medical facility ensures the quickest possible delivery and competitive pricing.”

About Us
MedDev Corporation is a medical development corporation. While the company is best known for our ophthalmic devices for protecting the eye, MedDev has also been making hand exercise devices for over 30 years. MedDev’s ongoing research on hand exercise techniques and hand exercise devices sets the standard for helping our products' users actively looking for and needing effective hand exercise.

About Our Products
Our Hand Helper products are preferred by users because of the exerciser’s simple, yet effective design that gently exercises the muscles and tendon groups of the hand and forearm to help keep joints active, increase range-of-motion and improve flexibility. The Hand Helper line of products include the Hand Helper®, Thumb Helper®, Soft Touch® Kit,  Iso Hand Helper™ and Finger Helper™.


Contact Information:

Suzanne Grey
MedDev Corporation
730 North Pastoria Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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