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MedDev Announces U.S. Distributor

Sunnyvale, CA - MedDev is proud to announce the appointment of FCI Ophthalmics, a leading ophthalmic company, as U.S. distributor for MedDev Eyelid Closure Products, including the new ThinProfile and popular Contour Sterile Eyelid Implants.  This new, dynamic association not only provides the surgeon with the ability to continue ordering directly from MedDev Corporation, but additionally, the convenience of ordering MedDev products from an extensive network of FCI Ophthalmic surgical representatives.

For more information on FCI Ophthalmics click here.

Sterile Eyelid Implants

Sunnyvale, CA - All MedDev Eyelid Implants are now supplied Sterile. Your Eyelid Implant now arrives in a double-pouch packaging for assurance of sterility and easy handling.

ThinProfile™ Eyelid Implant Design Optimizes Lid Cosmesis

ThinProfile Design Eyelid ImplantSunnyvale, California - MedDev Corporation, the leader in eyelid closure products for over three decades, announces its most recent innovation: the patented, ThinProfile Eyelid Implant providing superior cosmetic results in the treatment of paralytic lagophthalmos.

 The ThinProfile design implant is 40% thinner than its predecessor, the Contour design eyelid implant. It is only 0.6 mm thick and features channel-free 1.0 mm suture holes for freedom in suturing. The implant’s bi-convex underside conforms to the spherical shape of the ocular globe with precisely blended, smoothly rounded edges and corners. MedDev ThinProfile implants are made from 99.99% pure gold and are available in weight sizes ranging from 0.6 grams to 1.6 grams (in 0.2-gram increments).

MedDev Moves

Sunnyvale, CA - MedDev has Moved to its new home in Sunnyvale, California. Our new address is: MedDev Corporation, 730 N. Pastoria Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Our new phone and fax numbers are: 408.730.9702 and 408.730.9732, respectively. Consult our Contact Us page for any other contact-related information. Please update your account information accordingly - Thanks!

Ultimate Hand HelperUltimate Hand Helper

Palo Alto, CA - MedDev is proud to announce the Ultimate Hand Helper. This ergonomically curved hand exerciser is intended for superior patient comfort and versatility in exercise. The Ultimate Hand Helper can be held in different positions to create different exercise regimes suited to the patient's needs. The Ultimate Hand Helper comes with color-coded, latex-free elastic bands and range-limiting clips to customize the resistance and range of exercise.

Sizing Weights for Accurate Eyelid Implant Weight Selection

Palo Alto, CA - Tantalum Eyelid Weights from MedDev Corporation are designed to provide an accurate means for determining the proper weight preoperatively for either an Eyelid Implant or a skin tone EyeClose® External Eyelid Weight. MedDev Eyelid Closure Products are used to treat the functional defects of lagophthalmos, resulting from a temporary or permanent facial paralysis.

Tantalum Eyelid Weights are produced from 99.99% tantalum with a polished finish. The Tantalum Eyelid Weights are available in six standard weight sizes, in 0.2 gram increments, from 0.6 grams to 1.6 grams. Weight sizes greater then 1.6 grams can be special ordered

The Tantalum Weight Sizing Set includes: a storage box containing the six standard size eyelid weights, one hundred (100) double-sided EyeClose® Adhesive strips and a instruction sheet.

The Tantalum Eyelid Weights are for external sizing purposes only and are not for implantation.

New Corneal Protection for Paralyzed Eyelids

Palo Alto, CA — New Skin Tone EyeClose® External Eyelid Weights, offered by MedDev Corporation, restore eyelid function in patients with lagophthalmos resulting from a temporary facial paralysis, such as Bell’s Palsy. The patient wears the weight on the outside of the upper eyelid, placed just above the lashes. The weight acts by gravity to close the eyelid when the patient relaxes the levator muscle. This gravity induced "blink" lubricates and hydrates the cornea protecting it from further ocular complications.

The wearing of External Eyelid Weights affords the patient greater convenience and simplifies supportive eye care with less use of ocular lubricants. The need for occlusion therapy or tarsorrhaphy may be eliminated. The wearing of the External Eyelid Weight also helps demonstrate to the patient the effectiveness of eyelid weighting should the paralysis not resolve and an Eyelid Implant be necessary.

The External Eyelid Weights, made of tantalum, are offered in six weight sizes from 0.6 grams to 1.6 grams and in four flesh tone colors. A hypoallergenic EyeClose® double-sided Adhesive Strip is available for attaching the weights to the eyelid.

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