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New Corneal Protection for Paralyzed Eyelids : November 1995

Palo Alto, CA — New Skin Tone EyeClose® External Eyelid Weights, offered by MedDev Corporation, restore eyelid function in patients with lagophthalmos resulting from a temporary facial paralysis, such as Bell’s Palsy. The patient wears the weight on the outside of the upper eyelid, placed just above the lashes. The weight acts by gravity to close the eyelid when the patient relaxes the levator muscle. This gravity induced "blink" lubricates and hydrates the cornea protecting it from further ocular complications.

The wearing of External Eyelid Weights affords the patient greater convenience and simplifies supportive eye care with less use of ocular lubricants. The need for occlusion therapy or tarsorrhaphy may be eliminated. The wearing of the External Eyelid Weight also helps demonstrate to the patient the effectiveness of eyelid weighting should the paralysis not resolve and an Eyelid Implant be necessary.

The External Eyelid Weights, made of tantalum, are offered in six weight sizes from 0.6 grams to 1.6 grams and in four flesh tone colors. A hypoallergenic EyeClose® double-sided Adhesive Strip is available for attaching the weights to the eyelid.

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