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What is arthritis? For more than 43 million adults (1 in 5) in the United States it most likely means a change in their lifestyle. For some, this will be more dramatic than others, and likewise some people will have more options available to them to treat their arthritis. There are many types of arthritis but osteoarthritis is the most common, and affecting 21 million adults leaves arthritis sufferers with a condition that many can manage using traditional means, healthy living and exercise.

Managing pain can be the biggest challenge for many arthritis sufferers. Pain is typically a result of inflammation within and surrounding the affected joint. This inflammation can be reduced by using a cold compress on the joint or taking an anti-inflammatory drug. Prevention is always the best cure, so for those sufferers who can do so, taking care of one’s body (healthy eating and exercise) is a great start to reducing pain.

Warming Up
Before exercising it is a good idea to warm up your hands by doing some stretching exercises. Don’t worry, one doesn’t have to be an athlete to benefit from stretching and doing exercise. Visit our stretches page online and see how four basic stretches can help you prepare your hands and forearm for using the Hand Helper—the optimal way to keep hands functional and active.

Eating right and exercising help your body to control the inflammation that can increase pain. Ironically, many people believe that they are better for not exercising. While exercising is not always possible for those with arthritis, for those that can, doing so will help strengthen, increase their flexibility and their range of motion—all of which are important to keeping joints active and functional.

Hand Helper and Arthritis
The Hand Helper helps those people with arthritis in their hands and fingers:

  • Regain lost strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase range of motion

We encourage you to find tools that you can use regularly to help reduce pain and to live a more healthy lifestyle. The Hand Helper might just be your first step to a bigger exercise program. Visit our helpful links page to learn more about arthritis and other topics.

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (CDC).

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