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  Target specific muscle groups with Hand Helper

The Ultimate Hand Helper

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 Hands are integral to your health and well being 


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Primary Benefit

Hand Helper

Arthritis (OA)


Finger Joints & hands

ROM, Flex,

    Reduced range of motion Fingers & hands ROM, Flex, Strgth
    Weakened muscles Forearm Strgth, ROM


Repetitive Stress Injury

Painful wrist

Wrist, Forearm

Gentle, ROM

Soft Touch Kit

Recovery from CTS surgery

Tender spots Hand, Forearm Gentle


Post surgery

Painful hand

Hand, wrist

Gross Grasp


Arthritis (OA)

Joint Pain

Finger Joints

Knuckle Joint Flexion

Thumb Helper

CMC Joint Arthritis

Weak thumb




Repetitive Stress Injury

Painful wrist

Wrist, Forearm


Finger Helper


Weak fingers


Strgth, ROM, Flex

Iso Hand Helper

Post surgery

Weak Hand, forearm

Hand, forearm

ROM, Strgth, Gentle

  Repetitive Stress Injury Weakened muscles Hand, forearm ROM, Strgth, Flex

ROM= maintain or increase range of motion

Gentle= gently exercise to lubricate carpal tunnel

Flex= increased flexibility

Strgth= strengthening



The Hand Helper line of products are intended to assist in keeping hands active. Users are encouraged to take care when starting an exercise program; likewise, users should use common sense when using the exercisers.


1. If you are under the care of a healthcare professional, seek their advice regarding frequency, intensity and specific exercises that may be of benefit.


2. If pain, skin irritation, or swelling, numbness, or tingling occurs while exercising, discontinue use of the exerciser and notify your therapist or physician promptly.


3. Position elastic bands securely around outside pegs.


4. Do not exceed 60 lb. (27 kg) of total resistance when using the Hand Helper (see Measuring Elastic Band Force for individual band forces).


5. The Hand Helper elastic bands can break with repetitive use. To avoid potential injury, do not hold exerciser near the face while exercising. Replace bands periodically.


6. The Ultimate Hand Helper exerciser is not recommended for use by small children.


Warm-up exercises are suggested before using the products. Users should not exercise with the Ultimate Hand Helper or other products when experiencing swelling or inflammation. For more information on exercise related to arthritis, visit the Arthritis Foundation. For exercises recommended for people experiencing CTS symptoms, visit OrthoSeek.


For those of you with rheumatoid arthritis talk to your doctor about the benefits of exercise during a general flare. In some cases, gentle full range of motion exercise can be beneficial.


People with arthritis will find the Ultimate Hand Helper a great device for addressing diminished flexibility and increased stiffness. The Ultimate Hand Helper will help you maintain normal joint movement and relieve stress while also maintaining and increasing flexibility.


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